AWOL Medical Centre - A Look Inside
The picture below was taken in November 2015 just as the AWOL Centre was closing at the end of the working day. With the stable block behind the photographer as you move the scrollbar you will be able to view the entire yard - from the kennels, washroom, tack room, store room and pharmacy, to the (yet to be completed) wash area. Past the ramp - which makes it so much easier for injured animals to get into the yard when they arrive on a vehicle - and on to the main entrance, office, welcome area and finally - though most importantly - the treatment area.

As you look around the AWOL Centre in the picture above you will be able to see just how effective the metal railing is. It allows us to treat any animal in safety, keeps a calming distance between the kennels and inpatients from animals and owners waiting in the yard, whilst also providing a safe walkway from the front to the rear of the AWOL Centre.

The new wash area is yet to be completed. It is operational and that was the priority. Much of the work involved cannot be seen. We did not have water on this side of the yard, so the wall mounted taps had to be plumbed in - with piping running underground from outside of the toilet area. Adequate drainage also was a must. That also runs underground - though only as far as the septic tank.

In the picture on the left, AWOL Luxor Managing Trustee, Nasser, shows where the end of the pharmacy wall needs to be tiled to. He also plans to have a slightly raised edging around the concrete base, in order that the soil in yard around the shower area does not to become too wet. Roughened concrete may not look that attractive, but it offers the animals great grip, even when very wet.

Improvements can always be made, though improvements cost money. It goes without saying that our first priority will always be the welfare of the animals. That said, we desperately need the treatment area to be fitted out - with an easy to clean work surface, cupboards in which we can put items that we constantly need close at hand, and the area made to be as easy to clean as possible to avoid cross-contamination between cases. Thanks to your generosity we should be able to achieve this in 2016, but there is so much more that we would like to be able to achieve.

The animals we help need you to support us,
because without you there is no AWOL.


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