Animal Welfare of Luxor - AWOL - is a small charity providing free veterinary care and treatment for the hard-working animals of the impoverished villages of Luxor’s west bank in Egypt. We are the ONLY animal care charity based on the west bank, our services are vital to the well-being of the animals and for the livelihoods of their owners.


AWOL treats any animal requiring its help; mainly dogs, donkey, horses, camels and cats.


The west bank of Luxor is a very poor rural agricultural area outside of the main tourist area of Luxor. Houses are still made of mud bricks and roofed with palm branches; in these communities there is no available money to treat sick and injured animals. Without AWOL these animals would receive no treatment at all. There is no other animal welfare charity or organisation to help these animals; there is no safety net for them.


There is only AWOL; a small charity working under very difficult conditions in the blazing desert heat with few resources and little equipment.


The animals we help need you to support us,
because without you there is no AWOL.

AWOL relieves so much suffering.


Meet Dobby ... He is very grateful for your donation.
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UK Registered Charity No: 1124154